About me

Cris Profil small  
  • Name:
Cristina Engler
  • Nickname:
Cris “Chitafruit”
  • Date of Birth:
  • Place of Birth:
Oviedo, Asturias (Spanien)
  • Location:
Dübendorf, Zürich (Schweiz)
  • Job:

- Certified Nutrition Coach
- Vegan & Raw Vegan Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach 
- Natural Health Promoter

  • Motto: 
"Always Follow Your Heart"
  • Hobbies:

- Nature and wildlife
- Traveling
- Sports in general
- Reading

- Spending time with animals and people who inspire me.
- Sing and dance
- Enjoy the beautiful sunshine and the sea
- Spirituality and Personal Growing
- Yoga & Meditation

¡Hola chicos! ¡First of all, thank you very much for visiting my site!

I am Cristina, Cris Engler “Chitafruit”, I am 35 years “Young” and I am certified nutrition coach by the "College of Health Professionals" in Switzerland. On the other hand, I continue my exciting learning in the world of natural health with the objective to maximize my knowledge as much as possible, to personally be able to put then into practice, into action and share it with all the people who has interest about it. Helping me is the best way to be able to help you to get the best health it possible can be, help you to reach your full potential. I continue my personal continuing Nutrition and Life Style education, among other teachings, under the tutelage of Dr. Douglas Graham.

English is not my native language, so sorry for the spelling and grammar mistakes!wink smile

*Dr. Douglas Graham, a lifetime athlete and raw fooder since 1978, is an advisor to world-class athletes and trainers from around the globe. He has worked professionally with top performers from almost every sport and every field of entertainment, including such notables as tennis legend Martina Navratilova, NBA pro basketball player Ronnie Grandison, track Olympic sprinter Doug Dickinson, pro women's soccer player Callie Withers, championship bodybuilder Kenneth G. Williams, Chicken Soup for the Soul coauthor Mark Victor Hansen, and actress Demi Moore.

Dr. Douglas Graham is recognized as one of the fathers of the Modern Raw Food Movement.

As you're probably already beginning to imagine, I am a very passionate person about nutrition world, and I am so passionate since teen, before coming my age. That led me to constantly question me, seek answers to the many inconsistencies found in the world of nutrition. Through all these constant questions and extensive and continuous learning, and through my own personal experience, I had to come to the conclusions I have come till this moment, those ones, which the result makes, that I find myself in the wonderful way in which I am currently. At present I follow a high-carb, low-fat raw vegan lifestyle, that has completely changed my health and my whole life in general in the most positive way that possible could be.