Coaching process

How many consultations may I need?

The treatment and advice is always custom and suited to each person and situation.

Depending on the desires and needs of each individual, more or fewer sessions are needed, considering that 4-5 sessions are those that are estimated to complete the overall process.

After the basic queries that I currently suggest, you will determine if you need more coaching according to your personal needs.


The process of general advice will be developed as follows:


        1st Consultation:

In the first consultation I will make a comprehensive collection of information regarding your case and the reason for your query. Complete analysis of your lifestyle and your eating.

      2nd Consultation: (a week later)

For the second appointment I will ask you for a food log supply, that we are going to discuss together.

      3rd Consultation: (a week later)

For the third appointment I will prepare you a proposal "The Masterplan" which will be discussed together.

      4rd Consulation: (a month later)

We will discuss your progress and adjust the proposal if needed.

      5rd Consultation: (Follow up)

This event can take place at around six months later, as a follow up, or whenever you determine according to your personal needs.


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