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Aloha from Koh Samui beauty being <3

I hope and wish you are feeling great, happy, healthy, and striving every day in getting your very best version! 

Since I planed to come to Thailand, I was dreaming about having again the possibility to enjoy and fill my body with Coconut Water, giving myself that present full of nutrients and energy from the sun.

Now the time and the dream came true and I am here enjoying this present that Mother Earth give to us, one of the infinite gifts that offers us. 

And I want to share with you the benefits of drinking this powerful water. Especially because, if you have never been to the tropics, you may not have had the opportunity to taste it, or you have no knowledge that it exists.

Where does it come from, what is ...? 

Coconut water is also known as the "elixir or fluid of life" because it has the same electrolyte balance as human blood and has been used in the past as a substitute in transfusions to save many lives during armed conflicts during wars.

It is a totally NATURAL nutrient-laden beverage that is extracted from the green and immature coconuts (around only 7 months of ripening) that grow on the beautiful palms found in abundance in tropical areas such as: Caribbean, South Asia , Florida, Hawaii, among others.

20170407 Blog FotorIt has numerous benefits. Do you want to know some of the most important ones? Here we go!


Many people are dehydrated without even being aware of it (in future blogs I will dig deeper). In summer, this situation usually occurs very frequently and, people tend to feel nausea, dizziness and general tiredness. It is important to avoid getting to that state of dehydration because it is quite harmful for our organism. Coconut water, besides being a delicious and refreshing drink, immediately hydrates our organism besides nourishing it with lots of electrolytes that the body needs to recover and replenish, which our body has been eliminating through sweating. 

It is especially advisable for athletes and people who exercise regularly because this drink contains all the electrolytes in the right amount that the athlete needs to replenish. It is without a doubt the best choice and more natural alternative to any other prepared and processed beverage.

Besides being made up of 94% of water, it contains Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium, Calcium and Phosphorus. These 5 electrolytes are essential to recover after a training session


Coconut water is loaded with active compounds with great antioxidant effect, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, co-enzymes ... besides being an ideal source of cytokinins, a vegetable compound that is capable of slowing down the aging process. Lot of nutrients that will keep you vital, young, with a skin full of life and healthy.

Do not forget that if, on the other hand, you are intoxicating with tobacco smoke or other harmful substances ... you will not be taking full advantage of the benefits of which I speak...!

"We accumulate health or accumulate disease" Do not accumulate disease!

I really encourage you beauty being, stop contaminating yourself with tobacco ... I also smoked, I also damaged myself enormously, so if I managed to stop doing it, YOU CAN DO IT TOO!


Coconut Water has been used for years as a remedy to treat indigestion, constipation, intestinal parasites, among many other ailments. Also to treat dehydration in cases of diarrhea.

But do not forget that all these ailments, which I name above, can be prevented with a NATURAL LIFESTYLE”, with live foods loaded with nutrients that the body needs to feel full of vitality and health. 


Due, mostly to poor diet and lifestyle, a high percentage of people suffer from fluid retention, cellulite. I suffered from it since I was a teen thinking that it was genetics…

But like me, you can also heal that discomfort with an adequate diet and lifestyle NATURAL LIFESTYLE”.

Fruits & vegetables rich in potassium, such as coconut water, will help you to increase urine excretion, being considered natural diuretics. Bananas are another excellent source of Potassium. 


If you are prone to developing kidney stones, coconut water can be a great help in facilitating its expulsion.

But ...  I again want to insist and motivate you to improve your lifestyle in order not to develop diseases that can be avoided with good nutritional habits. 


Coconut water is rich in potassium and magnesium, two of the minerals that favor the regulation of blood pressure.

Magnesium contributes to the prevention of hypertension by stimulating the dilation of blood vessels while potassium helps regulate blood pressure in all types of patients.


Several studies have already shown that regular consumption of coconut water can lead to significant improvements in the symptomatology of diabetes by keeping blood glucose levels at bay and reducing glycosylated hemoglobin levels.

Remember that Type 2 Diabetes is caused by poor diet.


Increasing the body's defenses and preventing infections caused by microbes or bacteria.

If you follow a diet and adequate lifestyle NATURAL LIFESTYLE” :-) You will see how our immune defense system will be totally grateful and benefited, suffering from less and less diseases and overflowing with health. 

In addition, there are studies that show that Coconut Water is effective in reducing the risk of various types of cancer by inhibiting the growth of cancer cells and tumors.

And now ... what's the downside?

Well, the only disadvantage I can see is not living in a tropical country where you can have easy access to that wonderful elixir of life that is Coconut Water.

Here I give you some solutions if you want to enjoy that drink but do not live in the tropics:

1Fortunately I've started looking and I just discovered a website in Spain that markets them where you can get them! Newly brought from Thailand! It is very possible that you can find it in other countries too. 

2Another alternative is to buy it already packaged ... is not something I like to do much or recommend, for two reasons; ecological reasons and because, you will always lose some of the properties in the elaboration process. But, this one that I can recommend you, Natural Green Coconut Water Bio Dr Martens” 

Is not totally a bad alternative because it is Bio, Ecological and has no additives or preservatives of any type. The web that I have found that sells it with the best price in Spain is:

In Switzerland and Germany you can also find it in “Alnatura Bio Supermarket” and many webs over the world offers it too.  

But, if for whatever reason, you can not get it where you currently live, do not despair and fill your diet with tons of fruits and vegetables in a natural state and with a percentage of raw as highest as possible and enjoy Coconut Water when you travel to the tropics. There, you can make this drink your favorite! 

That's what I'm doing right now!

20170407 BlogCoconut3Do you want to live a healthier und more 

NATURAL LIFESTYLE”  but you feel you need help in the process?

Do you want to get THE VERY BEST VERSION OF YOUR SELF” but you are struggling about it and would like to have some additional help? 

You can contact me to:

Now I just want to wish you much happiness, harmony, love and health in your day.

Cristina Sunglight

Wild Jungle "Chitafruit"

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20170330 MeditationNutrition Fotor

Aloha and much love from Koh Samui beautiful being <3

After leaving Bangkok city, where I stayed just one night, I took the night train to a more relaxed and paradisiac place in this wonderful country “Thailand”.  

There I will stay the next coming days… I still don`t know how many. I will do what I feel, what resonates with my vibes, with the beats of my heart. What I already can tell you is that this new place in the Koh Samui Island is helping me a lot to reconnect again much more with myself and to live my life in a more presence state, in higher consciousness. So I am very thankful for it. And I want to remember you the importance to live in such state, because...

"It exist only one moment, the actual one!!! 

The instant in which you are reading this, this exactly moment is wonderful because, if you are reading it, it means that you are alive and that your eyes can see the wonders around you. Remember it and LIVE, be really ALIVE! 

Because it is very true, you don`t know if tomorrow you will be on this planet or healthy enough to read & see. 

I want to share with you my last days´s experiences about coming back to again “Nurturing Yourself in a More Conscious & Meditative Way”, fully present, enjoying every single bite, its great taste, its texture, its scent, its beautiful color, its forme, activating every and each of my senses and, at the same time, in pure connexion with all elements of Nature. 

It is very probably that you are one of the persons that worries about how much protein, calcium, vitamins, minerals and so on, that your food contains… but… 

Have you ever took time to think about the importance of your emotional state while eating? 

Do you think that with getting “nutrient requirements” is all done?

Have you ever eaten in an anxious state, stressful, sad, tired, boring or still worst… without being hungry? O very probably, have you eaten while walking, in front of the computer or TV, while you are arguing… without even realizing about the taste of your meal?  

I almost can 100% secure (I include myself) that, if you are totally sincere, you can answer yes to some or all of the above questions, and that you will also have the experience of having had some other heavy digestion, of having eaten much more you need, and feel exhausted after the meal...

(Although it is very common, it is not normal to feel tired after eating ... if you nurture yourself in a natural way and with the right emotional state!!!)  

I imagine that you have, probably, experienced some, all or several of these symptoms with which, at least, you are in some way aware of it, because you have felt it. But, what you probably are not aware of, is that, if you feed that way, you are stressing your digestive system that much, that "it does little" to fill your body with the best nutrients… those nutrients will not be able to absorb adequately in addition to having several other repercussions throughout your body such as constipation, gas, bloating, exhaustion, dissatisfaction, sadness ... among others.

All these diseases are short-term, in the long term can be developed much more relevant diseases that we want to avoid and that we can do so by living a much more “NATURAL LIFESTYLE” :-)

Do you want to live a healthier und more NATURAL LIFESTYLE” but you feel you need help in the process? 

Do you want to get “THE VERY BEST VERSION OF YOUR SELF”but you are struggling about it and would like to have some additional help?  

You can contact me to:

In this last year many times I have been "forgotten" to feed myself in that state of consciousness, of presence. Among other things, I have eaten on many occasions anxiously causing me to eat much more than my digestive capacity allowed, generating all those symptoms that I mentioned above. From the last days on, that I am nurturing me again in such a harmonious state, I have begun again to experience those wonderful sensations that I had experienced in the past, those ones that one can experience when it is so connected and when the present moment is the only that exist making of it a meditative practice. Every moment can be a meditation! (We will talk about it in future blogs).

I tell you all this things, my experience, so that you realize that I also make "mistakes" and also to tell you that and motivate you because… if I have been able to make certain progress in my life,YOU CAN DO IT TOO! 

My main intention is to be able to help you with my own experiences and knowledge, to motivate you, to walk hand in hand, to learn from all those living experiences.

Now that I return to recover my very healthy rituals, that help me in the process of getting my very best version, I want to encourage you to climb with me to this wonderful and magical tree of “NATURAL LIFESTYLE” living, of a healthy life, a life in harmony with ALL beings and Elements of Nature if you REALLY want to vibrate and feel better than 20 years ago. This is what happens to me.

Do you dare to climb that tree with me?:-)

YOU CAN DO IT!!! Do not ever let anyone make you believe otherwise! Sometimes we will stumble but that will make us stronger, wiser and happier!

P.S. Do not miss my next blog where I will give you some tips to put all this into practice.

With much Love and Gratitude to you

Cristina Sunlight                                                          

Wild Jungle "Chitafruit"

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Simple 1/2 hour routine that will radically improve your life!


Aloha beautiful being<3

I would love to share so many things with you that .... I just have decided to start with these "Secrets" so simple to put into practice and, at the same time, so incredibly powerful. I am looking forward that you also can benefit to the maximum of all this form of life that makes me feel every day fulfill, that they make me feel better than 20 years ago.

A while ago I published a video on my YouTube channel (in Spanish) more detailed on this topic. Take a look if you are one of those who prefer to connect with the senses of hearing and sight. Here is the link:

If you prefer to read and / or complement the information of my video, then go for it!

These are my 10 Top Secrets! Keep in mind that these SECRETS will only begin to make you VIBRATE if you are perseverant and you manage to perform them daily without fail. Put it into practice during a minimum of full 28-day lunar cycle to notice the real benefits and to create the habit. From there you will not want to go back!

Secret Nº1: "Awake in Harmony".

Eliminate the shock of the conventional alarm clock. Uff ... You know the feeling of waking up with a thunderous sound that makes you feel anguished just without almost opening your eyes. This is not a good way to start the day. Unlike If you do not have the possibility to wake up naturally, look for natural sounds that mimic what it would be like to be in nature. Little birds, the sound of the sea ... wake up in harmony.

Secret Nº2 "Ether Element".

Gratitude! Be mentally grateful that you are alive, than you have one more day to live, you do not know if tomorrow you will be here. Repeat it in your mind for 7 times as you wake up. This is my current mantra:

"Thank you Life, Universe, for this new and wonderful day”

It is a really powerful mantra, a thought that can change your day. Do not underestimate the power of words, of everything you tell to yourself, they can perform miracles (it can also be self-destructive... is case of having destructive thoughts) in our organism. Use this mantra or create one you like and repeat it smiling and enjoying.

Secret Nº3: "Stretch!"

Stretch like animals do, stretch your wonderful body while enjoying of it. Have you noticed the first thing animals do when they wake up? Imitate it, we have so much to learn from them…

Secret Nº4: "Air Element"

Breathe! As you well know, oxygen is our main & essential nutrient without which we could not survive, just a few minutes.

Open the windows or go out to nature and breathe deeply, consciously, fill yourself with life, new energy, renovate you! Do it a minimum of 7 times. It would be ideal to be able to do 28 well aware and deep breaths but, if at first it is difficult for you, try to do the following:

Week1: 7 breaths / Week2: 14 breaths / Week3: 21 breaths / Week4: 28 breaths

From there on, continue with 28 deep and conscious breaths every day in the morning and outdoors.

Secret Nº5: "Water Element"

Drink between 1/2 liter and 1 liter (ideal) of temperate water (never cold from the refrigerator) with freshly squeezed lemon juice. Do it in a minute, as soon as you can so you can notice the cleansing effect it will produce. It is excellent against constipation but remember, it does not never replace an appropriate diet, a diet adequate to our physiology and anatomy, full of the fiber, vitamins and minerals that fruits and vegetables offer us.

In addition, the lemon provides you with additional benefits such as the following:

I also would suggest you that you rinse your mouth after drinking that so natural beneficial drink to prevent damaging the enamel of your teeth. You can also use a glass or bamboo straw (not plastic please that would damage your health and the environment). 

Secret Nº6: "Fire Element"

Watch the fire! Look for the Sun and watch it at dawn if it is still red or orange. It is also very beneficial to observe the Moon if it is in its visible phase. You can take advantage of these observations at the same time you breathe outdoors. If it is not possible to charge yourself with the energy of the sun or the moon, light a candle and observe it meditatively for at least one minute. Absorb its light, fill yourself with energy and vitality. You can do this by sitting or standing. You can meditate longer if that is your desire.

Secret Nº7: "Exercise" (5 minutes)

Activate your wonderful heart.

Before you introduce food into your digestive system, exercise, move, take care of your heart, your bones, muscles and joints. Do this for a minimum of 5 minutes. Here are some ideas, do what motivates you more, enjoy it.

100 Squats / Scissors / Dance / Rope Jumping/ Run / Brisk Walking / Stairs Climbing 

Secret Nº8: "Practice Easy Yoga or Basic Stretches" (5 minutes)

With only 5 minutes you are going to feel noticeable benefits in your mind and body. Look for simple exercises and practice them daily in a conscious and relaxed way.

Secret Nº9: "Gratitude"

Sit down to thank. Take 3-5 minutes and writes a minimum of 14 things for which you are grateful. Try to do 28.

It may cost you at first, because our mind is much more programmed to desire and complain for everything. That is the reason why we sometimes are not able to see see the wonders that surround us for which we can be deeply grateful.

"The best of life is free"

I assure you that in time you will find endless things you can be grateful for. You will see that, after a few days of thanks, you will find more things than time to thank!

Secret # 10: "Motivation and Personal Growth"

Take another 5 minutes to read a small fragment of a book or to watch some short video about motivation and personal growth topics that help you to evolve as an individual. There are great and basic books to help you on your path of personal, spiritual growth. Authors like Louis L. Hay to name one with "You can heal your life" are a gift for all of us.

And after this dose of energy and motivation ... it's time to nourish ourselves with the best food that nature offers us.

Earth element... and my Nº11 Secret´s Gift :-)

Go and enjoy a delicious breakfast of fresh, ripe and juicy fruits. Ummm what are you waiting for?

I wish that my 11 Secrets serve you and are useful for you and I will be very glad to receive your suggestions and comments on your experience about it.

Thousands of hugs and...

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Hola dear Fruitis :-) <3

That is the pyramid responsible for the way I sense today! With almost 37 I feel physically and mentally better than with 20. And I would love you to feel that too. The key to success is in your lifestyle! Give a twist to your life! It's worth a little effort a few months, instead to suffer all your life of ailments. Make of healthy living a habit like brushing your teeth!

With all my heart <3

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... to start the day!


Hola dear and lovely Fruitis wink smile

I hope everything is going well in your daily life and you are doing positive changes to improve your lifestyle so you can reach your best potential! It is worth it, believe me!

The other day I wrote an article about the power that green smoothies give to our body, and today I would like to share with you a very simple and easy to prepare recipe, especially designed for those who have not yet had the pleasure to try one.

            blog.basic green smoothie 1

blog.basic green smoothie 2


arrow0061  2 – 3 Bananas

arrow0061   1 Mango

arrow0061  1 Bunch of Spinat

arrow0061  Water (as much you desire) *

* You can substitute water by natural coconut water, in the case of having access to it.



Peel and cut the mango and bananas and place it in your blender. Add the powerful spinach, the desired water and process everything quickly for a few seconds to get a thick and creamy texture. Pour into a glass and... ready to enjoy!

I encourage you to try to replace your traditional breakfast with one of these powerful smoothies for a week, so that you may observe the amazing changes that occur in your body!

  • Take it on an empty stomach of other foods to facilitate the digestive task and not to interfere
    with the proper absorption of many nutrients that this wonderful green drink
    can offer

Fruitis, let´s gooooo, vaaamos, try it and tell me what is going on, how you fell! I will love to know
about your experiences

I wish you a day full with positive experiences!

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