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My Top 10 Secrets To Start Your Day Full Of Joy, Energy & Vital

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Simple 1/2 hour routine that will radically improve your life!


Aloha beautiful being<3

I would love to share so many things with you that .... I just have decided to start with these "Secrets" so simple to put into practice and, at the same time, so incredibly powerful. I am looking forward that you also can benefit to the maximum of all this form of life that makes me feel every day fulfill, that they make me feel better than 20 years ago.

A while ago I published a video on my YouTube channel (in Spanish) more detailed on this topic. Take a look if you are one of those who prefer to connect with the senses of hearing and sight. Here is the link:

If you prefer to read and / or complement the information of my video, then go for it!

These are my 10 Top Secrets! Keep in mind that these SECRETS will only begin to make you VIBRATE if you are perseverant and you manage to perform them daily without fail. Put it into practice during a minimum of full 28-day lunar cycle to notice the real benefits and to create the habit. From there you will not want to go back!

Secret Nº1: "Awake in Harmony".

Eliminate the shock of the conventional alarm clock. Uff ... You know the feeling of waking up with a thunderous sound that makes you feel anguished just without almost opening your eyes. This is not a good way to start the day. Unlike If you do not have the possibility to wake up naturally, look for natural sounds that mimic what it would be like to be in nature. Little birds, the sound of the sea ... wake up in harmony.

Secret Nº2 "Ether Element".

Gratitude! Be mentally grateful that you are alive, than you have one more day to live, you do not know if tomorrow you will be here. Repeat it in your mind for 7 times as you wake up. This is my current mantra:

"Thank you Life, Universe, for this new and wonderful day”

It is a really powerful mantra, a thought that can change your day. Do not underestimate the power of words, of everything you tell to yourself, they can perform miracles (it can also be self-destructive... is case of having destructive thoughts) in our organism. Use this mantra or create one you like and repeat it smiling and enjoying.

Secret Nº3: "Stretch!"

Stretch like animals do, stretch your wonderful body while enjoying of it. Have you noticed the first thing animals do when they wake up? Imitate it, we have so much to learn from them…

Secret Nº4: "Air Element"

Breathe! As you well know, oxygen is our main & essential nutrient without which we could not survive, just a few minutes.

Open the windows or go out to nature and breathe deeply, consciously, fill yourself with life, new energy, renovate you! Do it a minimum of 7 times. It would be ideal to be able to do 28 well aware and deep breaths but, if at first it is difficult for you, try to do the following:

Week1: 7 breaths / Week2: 14 breaths / Week3: 21 breaths / Week4: 28 breaths

From there on, continue with 28 deep and conscious breaths every day in the morning and outdoors.

Secret Nº5: "Water Element"

Drink between 1/2 liter and 1 liter (ideal) of temperate water (never cold from the refrigerator) with freshly squeezed lemon juice. Do it in a minute, as soon as you can so you can notice the cleansing effect it will produce. It is excellent against constipation but remember, it does not never replace an appropriate diet, a diet adequate to our physiology and anatomy, full of the fiber, vitamins and minerals that fruits and vegetables offer us.

In addition, the lemon provides you with additional benefits such as the following:

I also would suggest you that you rinse your mouth after drinking that so natural beneficial drink to prevent damaging the enamel of your teeth. You can also use a glass or bamboo straw (not plastic please that would damage your health and the environment). 

Secret Nº6: "Fire Element"

Watch the fire! Look for the Sun and watch it at dawn if it is still red or orange. It is also very beneficial to observe the Moon if it is in its visible phase. You can take advantage of these observations at the same time you breathe outdoors. If it is not possible to charge yourself with the energy of the sun or the moon, light a candle and observe it meditatively for at least one minute. Absorb its light, fill yourself with energy and vitality. You can do this by sitting or standing. You can meditate longer if that is your desire.

Secret Nº7: "Exercise" (5 minutes)

Activate your wonderful heart.

Before you introduce food into your digestive system, exercise, move, take care of your heart, your bones, muscles and joints. Do this for a minimum of 5 minutes. Here are some ideas, do what motivates you more, enjoy it.

100 Squats / Scissors / Dance / Rope Jumping/ Run / Brisk Walking / Stairs Climbing 

Secret Nº8: "Practice Easy Yoga or Basic Stretches" (5 minutes)

With only 5 minutes you are going to feel noticeable benefits in your mind and body. Look for simple exercises and practice them daily in a conscious and relaxed way.

Secret Nº9: "Gratitude"

Sit down to thank. Take 3-5 minutes and writes a minimum of 14 things for which you are grateful. Try to do 28.

It may cost you at first, because our mind is much more programmed to desire and complain for everything. That is the reason why we sometimes are not able to see see the wonders that surround us for which we can be deeply grateful.

"The best of life is free"

I assure you that in time you will find endless things you can be grateful for. You will see that, after a few days of thanks, you will find more things than time to thank!

Secret # 10: "Motivation and Personal Growth"

Take another 5 minutes to read a small fragment of a book or to watch some short video about motivation and personal growth topics that help you to evolve as an individual. There are great and basic books to help you on your path of personal, spiritual growth. Authors like Louis L. Hay to name one with "You can heal your life" are a gift for all of us.

And after this dose of energy and motivation ... it's time to nourish ourselves with the best food that nature offers us.

Earth element... and my Nº11 Secret´s Gift :-)

Go and enjoy a delicious breakfast of fresh, ripe and juicy fruits. Ummm what are you waiting for?

I wish that my 11 Secrets serve you and are useful for you and I will be very glad to receive your suggestions and comments on your experience about it.

Thousands of hugs and...

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