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The Importance of Eating in a Conscious State

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Aloha and much love from Koh Samui beautiful being <3

After leaving Bangkok city, where I stayed just one night, I took the night train to a more relaxed and paradisiac place in this wonderful country “Thailand”.  

There I will stay the next coming days… I still don`t know how many. I will do what I feel, what resonates with my vibes, with the beats of my heart. What I already can tell you is that this new place in the Koh Samui Island is helping me a lot to reconnect again much more with myself and to live my life in a more presence state, in higher consciousness. So I am very thankful for it. And I want to remember you the importance to live in such state, because...

"It exist only one moment, the actual one!!! 

The instant in which you are reading this, this exactly moment is wonderful because, if you are reading it, it means that you are alive and that your eyes can see the wonders around you. Remember it and LIVE, be really ALIVE! 

Because it is very true, you don`t know if tomorrow you will be on this planet or healthy enough to read & see. 

I want to share with you my last days´s experiences about coming back to again “Nurturing Yourself in a More Conscious & Meditative Way”, fully present, enjoying every single bite, its great taste, its texture, its scent, its beautiful color, its forme, activating every and each of my senses and, at the same time, in pure connexion with all elements of Nature. 

It is very probably that you are one of the persons that worries about how much protein, calcium, vitamins, minerals and so on, that your food contains… but… 

Have you ever took time to think about the importance of your emotional state while eating? 

Do you think that with getting “nutrient requirements” is all done?

Have you ever eaten in an anxious state, stressful, sad, tired, boring or still worst… without being hungry? O very probably, have you eaten while walking, in front of the computer or TV, while you are arguing… without even realizing about the taste of your meal?  

I almost can 100% secure (I include myself) that, if you are totally sincere, you can answer yes to some or all of the above questions, and that you will also have the experience of having had some other heavy digestion, of having eaten much more you need, and feel exhausted after the meal...

(Although it is very common, it is not normal to feel tired after eating ... if you nurture yourself in a natural way and with the right emotional state!!!)  

I imagine that you have, probably, experienced some, all or several of these symptoms with which, at least, you are in some way aware of it, because you have felt it. But, what you probably are not aware of, is that, if you feed that way, you are stressing your digestive system that much, that "it does little" to fill your body with the best nutrients… those nutrients will not be able to absorb adequately in addition to having several other repercussions throughout your body such as constipation, gas, bloating, exhaustion, dissatisfaction, sadness ... among others.

All these diseases are short-term, in the long term can be developed much more relevant diseases that we want to avoid and that we can do so by living a much more “NATURAL LIFESTYLE” :-)

Do you want to live a healthier und more NATURAL LIFESTYLE” but you feel you need help in the process? 

Do you want to get “THE VERY BEST VERSION OF YOUR SELF”but you are struggling about it and would like to have some additional help?  

You can contact me to:

In this last year many times I have been "forgotten" to feed myself in that state of consciousness, of presence. Among other things, I have eaten on many occasions anxiously causing me to eat much more than my digestive capacity allowed, generating all those symptoms that I mentioned above. From the last days on, that I am nurturing me again in such a harmonious state, I have begun again to experience those wonderful sensations that I had experienced in the past, those ones that one can experience when it is so connected and when the present moment is the only that exist making of it a meditative practice. Every moment can be a meditation! (We will talk about it in future blogs).

I tell you all this things, my experience, so that you realize that I also make "mistakes" and also to tell you that and motivate you because… if I have been able to make certain progress in my life,YOU CAN DO IT TOO! 

My main intention is to be able to help you with my own experiences and knowledge, to motivate you, to walk hand in hand, to learn from all those living experiences.

Now that I return to recover my very healthy rituals, that help me in the process of getting my very best version, I want to encourage you to climb with me to this wonderful and magical tree of “NATURAL LIFESTYLE” living, of a healthy life, a life in harmony with ALL beings and Elements of Nature if you REALLY want to vibrate and feel better than 20 years ago. This is what happens to me.

Do you dare to climb that tree with me?:-)

YOU CAN DO IT!!! Do not ever let anyone make you believe otherwise! Sometimes we will stumble but that will make us stronger, wiser and happier!

P.S. Do not miss my next blog where I will give you some tips to put all this into practice.

With much Love and Gratitude to you

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Wild Jungle "Chitafruit"

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