How did I get here? Why? What are the reasons?

As commented in the introduction, I have always been passionate about Nutrition and the pursuit of personal well-being,  about having a healthy athletic body, and about health in general. I never have had weight issues, I always have kept in shape, but I was constantly tired, exhausted, with no energy, with various ailments that at that moment I considered "normal", because everyone nowadays seems to complain about them.

My diet, which I thought was very healthy, wasn't as healthy as I thought, although it was healthier in comparison to the rest of the people around me. The ailments I had, as I´ve already mentioned, were for me totally normal, I considered them as normal, as part of being alive!!! What do I think now, after seeing my own personal experience and the experience of many others who, like me, have changed their lifestyle by following similar steps in form of nutrition and lifestyle in general?

My own personal experience, my extensive knowledge in the field, and a constant learning of nutrition and health in general, being one of my great passions, tell me that, the way we live, our nutrition, but also the rest of other factors of healthful living, are our life insurance.

"Perfect Health in our Natural State"

The most common diseases that are affecting our society these days are caused mostly by our inadequate lifestyle. We are bombarded with marketing, misleading information that confuses us and makes us wonder constantly, without realizing that the key is to live in a natural way, with a plant-based-diet, fresh, whole, raw or high in raw, ripe, and organic as much as possible. Besides of it, we must not forget the other key and equally important aspects, as physical activity, sunlight, pure air, sleep and rest, among others.