What can I do for you?

  • Be your guide on the path to improving your eating habits and your lifestyle in general so you can enjoy a formidable health and achieve and / or maintain your ideal and appropriate weight for you:

  • It is therefore very important to analyse each and every aspect of our lives to then improve them and adapt them to our personal situation. In that way we can get to achieve the balance that will make us to enjoy perfect health and wellness. Nutrition is one of those aspects, a really important and necessary one to achieve it, but do not forget that we also need to balance the many other essential aspects such as rest and physical activity among others.

  • Through a healthy diet and an appropriate lifestyle, not only we will be able to prevent a host of chronic diseases that are claiming the lives of millions and millions of people today, such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, among others, but we will be able to achieve and / or maintain our ideal weight. 

  • I am not in favour of specific diets, which I consider unhealthy for our organisms and, in my point of view, all we get with those diets is frustration for the individuals who follow them. It is more than proven that, in most cases, it does not work! As soon as you stop following the specific diet with calorie restriction, the lost weight is regained, and in many cases, multiply, producing the known effect "Yo-yo" or rebound effect, affecting the individual involved at various levels, both physiological and psychological.

  • Through healthy eating, with the support of nutritional coaching techniques and healthy lifestyle, both your body and your soul can begin the process of detoxification to help you regain your wellbeing, energy and joy of life.