Why am I Vegan, and why Raw Vegan?

We live in a society, where the most habitual thing in the world is born and raise in families, where the most normal thing in the world is to consume an abundance of animal products, whether meat, fish, eggs or dairy products. They educate us with the belief that these products are necessary for our health and that, if not consumed, sooner or later we will start to suffer from nutritional deficiencies and therefore we are going to get sick. That was my belief for the most part of my life until I decided to become vegetarian for ethical reasons. The animals were always and are one of my biggest passions, I always have loved them, but I had never come to question me to stop eating them for the reasons that I explained above, by believing them necessary for survival.

It was then that one day by chance, in a concert of Bryan Adams, my husband, boyfriend at that time, told me that the singer was vegan! -Vegan? But what does it really vegan mean...? Since then, a new state of consciousness opened up for me, in fact, I began to be aware, I began the wonderful journey of "The Awakening of Consciousness".

Automatically, an exhaustive information research began for me, I did not want to remain part of that sad and unnecessary slaughter of innocent sentient beings, my best friends, wonderful animals. I had a very hard time watching images, videos, reading, informing, awaking to the reality ... extremely difficult but necessary time to get to take one of the best decisions of my life. What I could not imagine at that time, is that, with that decision, I was not just giving my small contribution, I was not just providing my grain of sand on an ethical level, but I was starting to "PRESERVE" my health. I spent six months being ovo-lacto-vegetarian, searching for thousands of nutritional responses with fears of experiencing some sort of deficiency. Being Vegetarian still was not the answer I was looking for, at both the ethical level, as nutritionally. Ovo-lacto-vegetarians include in their diet eggs and dairy products, they typically consume them without any measure at all, as I did, trying to supplement the lack of meat, in the mistaken belief that they need it.

So after that time of being ovo-lacto-vegetarian, researching about the vegan diet, I decided, totally convinced, both ethical level as nutritionally, to see for myself the benefits that, if done properly, brings. But it was really with the raw vegan diet with which I started experimenting and I keep experiencing wonderful and unexpected results. The ailments, that I considered "normal", improved day by day to the point of disappearing, starting to feel a level of energy and vitality that I could not remember to have it from childhood. I began to feel "alive" as I feel today, and that's the feeling I want for the rest of my life and for all of you, who want to feel in such a way.

What I need to clarify is that, despite that the raw-vegan diet, the vegan diet, and even vegetarianism, are much healthier to the omnivorism options, if done inappropriately, one can make many mistakes too, that can lead you to also develop health problems. For this reason it is important to be well informed about it and, if necessary, let a natural health coach help you and guide you along the way.

One tip I would give you; "do not compare yourself with anyone", each person has a unique story and a unique genetics. The only way to know if something works for you or not is comparing yourself with yourself before and after experiencing any type of change you want to experience in your life.

And very important.... do not forget to follow your heart.

Love & Peace